Claudio Saieva

Claudio Saieva, known as Artist “Claudessio”, trained as an opera singer, and got the amazing
opportunity to meet up with the legendary “Pavarotti” hence from that point Claudio began his
journey training to be an opera singer.
He appeared on the Michael Barry more Show in the UK, and sang a classical Italian song. From then
he sang also with John briggs a famous classical concerto pianist.
Alongside this Claudio sang at various corporate events, and top West London Italian Restaurants.
He also sang at various friends’ weddings too.
Throughout all these experiences, his heart was longing to sing a combination of pop and opera so
slowly he began to introduce this style more into his repertoire.
Then he got picked up by Songs4U, a team of songwriters/musicians/producers who are based in the
UK, States & Ghana.

Song For A Daughter - Claudessio

I was thrilled to sing a song for a daughter as it gave me the opportunity as a father myself to my daughter,
this song gave me the freedom to express my feelings and love I have towards her,
In this song I often speak to my daughter about the challenges she may face in life,
And I always tell her to always follow all her dreams and passions, and if she falls, I will be there to catch her, and to help her face all the challenges life may bring,
A song for a daughter means so much to me because which better way to express your true feelings and love you have for your daughter and what better way to do so, like in a beautiful song.