Who We Are

Songs 4u

We are a small team of songwriters and musicians working out of our recording studio in Hertfordshire UK, creating songs specifically for you. 

Maybe you would like a song written about your family, or something special that you’ve done; or maybe a song for a special occasion. We create a song for you, a song which is yours forever.

Whatever the reason or the occasion, we take your thoughts, write the lyric, write the song, and turn this into a professional track.

Some Examples  Of    Our  Work

Sample tracks do not play
MP 1
MP 2
MP 3

What You Get From Us

A professionally recorded track, mixed and mastered, which reflect your thoughts

We send you the track in a number of formats: 

Ready for CD format; MP3 format and streaming MP3 format for social media

Your own personalized song for (do we mention price?)

All we require is to click the button  to get started.


Madalene Chan


Contact Madalene Chan, who will be happy to explain the process, and the details we need in order to get started