Meet The Team

Songs 4 U Team are an In House Artist Development, where we work with professionals around the world our team are in UK, USA, & GHANA We are part of a small team of :-Songwriters/musicians/engineers/producers/website and logo mktg, design/music video makers/live interview tv and radio coaching/ & we also have the platforms for you to promote your singles on USA Global TV/Radio Maybe you would like a song written about your family, or something special that you’ve done; or maybe a song for a special occasion. We create a song for you, a song which is yours forever. Whatever the reason or the occasion, we take your thoughts, write the lyric, write the song, and turn this into a professional track. Adding to this we also offer vocal tuition, vocal confidence in performance and guidance to help bring the best out of your performance for your song with songs4U. If you feel you have always dreamed of singing your own original song and performing to your highest potential we can help you achieve this:
If you don't want to sing your own song we have a very selected group of session vocalists with varying  different styles and voices.
Who will sing your song for you.

Madalene Chan

Singer/Songwriter / Melody

Madalene Chan, LLCM, is an internationally renowned vocalist (having performed as Maddee Loveday and Darshan) with extensive experience in voice coaching and teaching the art of song-writing and confidence in performance on TV/Radio/Concerts.

She studied vocal teaching, song writing, art history and musical performance with the Berklee College of Music (USA), the Open University (UK) She gained her higher qualifications in contemporary music performance with the University of West London.

She was one of the original members of the 90s UK hit band ‘Steps’, supported other artists on tour such as Sony Act “Bedlam A Go Go, and went on to have a successful solo career; as artist "Maddee Loveday", she reached top positions in dance and club music charts which reached no 7 in the billboard dance charts with her hit single ‘Follow Love’.

Madalene was the first ever foreign act to win a Malta Music Award, in 2010, and she supported Peter Andre at the 2013 edition.

Single Release “Soul Sweet Is The Sound”, by Maddee Loveday.. July 21st 2022

Madalene has now collaborated with

USA Global TV/Radio with host Dr Jacalyn® and Madalene as a co-host for their show "The Film and Music Show" every week on Thursdays 6pm BST

Martin Gimson

By profession I’m an electronics/software guy and corporate manager, but I have a real
passion for music.
Whilst not quite a studio nerd, I really enjoy the creative business of song
writing, music production and music marketing.

I also like to help and encourage other musicians and singers to achieve their goals and feel
grateful that I have the studio facility and the time to do this.

I absolutely believe that collaboration and teamwork with others is the best way to achieve
great results, and I’m always happy to either be part of the team, or take the lead if required.

I believe in respect for other people, irrespective of their beliefs and persuasions, and I have no time for narrow mindedness and selfish self interest.

We must all take greater care of our fragile planet.  

Audie Kay Barrier

Songwriter - Lyricist

I am a passionate and motivated Lyrist with a poetry based talent for writing. Easily approachable with a great understanding of the relationship between music, song and written lyrics.

New to songwriting but grew up in a golden age for Rock, Blues and Country – Love the Motown hits of the 60’s and 70’s. Listen to and have learned from them over the years which are in high regard and still played today.

  • Studied the art of songwriting under Madalene Carol Chan (Maddee Loveday) - reached no 7 in the billboard dance charts with her hit single ‘Follow Love’.

Accomplishments to date:

  • “It Could Be You” – Song about the life of R.J. Moore; noted author and Entrepreneur Released June 4 2022.

  • “The Hidden Garden” – Associate producer; movie being produced by Sean Guerrero. No date for release at this time.


To continue writing songs for all genre. Become successful as a writer / lyricist. Have the pleasure of listening to my work in music and song while sharing it with others.

Martin Tsogbe Cromwell

Creative Graphics/Logos/Websites
Martin Tsogbe Cromwell  Is a web developer ,Graphic Designer , PLC (seimens Logo) programmer  and Speaker specializing in small and large business content.
He has worked with businesses in a range of sectors, including the modeling, marketing, healthcare, music, and film industries.
He has had the opportunity to work on international, well-known companies, speak on IDYM TV and  Marketing for international award winning Artist Dr  Madalene Chan for her brand Star Child Universe .

Designer, & Social Media managing  for Dr Desziree Richardson and her brands(WOHA, GOHA & Womenofheartfoundation) ,Executive Director of Branding and Marketing for CaneRiverFilm Festival(Louisiana,USA).
At age 20, Martin has Established himself  his own Engineering Firm(Matech).

Dr Jacalyn®

Mentorship Skills for Live Radio and TV Interviews.

Dr. Jacalyn Kerbeck is a public figure and known professionally as Dr. Jacalyn®. She is the Founder, President and Chief Listening Officer of USA GLOBAL TV LLC & Dr. Jacalyn LLC.

Dr. Jacalyn® is the lead TV/RADIO show host, executive producer and director at USA GLOBAL TV® & RADIO. She hosts on average 29 live streaming broadcasts globally with a worldwide audience. You can subscribe to her channel to watch, learn & engage with her. 

Dr. Jacalyn Kerbeck has a Masters Degree and a Doctorate. Her platforms provide education, entertainment, hope & inspiration. She teaches people to listen at an Elevated level with The Power of Listening Courses. The Listening Mentor describes Dr. Jacalyn® and the title she holds in helping people listen more effectively.  

Petros Gilazgi

Petros Gilazgi has been a London-based photographer/videographer in the creative industries for seven-plus years, working with small and big brands and businesses. He is highly favoured by many regarding the content and creations he delivers, as his lens for foreseeing an objective to fulfil a purpose is always more than he intends. Gilazgi is a family man who is driven to help open people’s eyes by creating timeless Art based on people’s special events that take place in their everyday life.